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  1. Hi Randy!

    Wow! The picture of the storm is so cool. I love the contrast of the storm on the right and the calmness on the left. This seems to be how the opossum felt in a way. I also really appreciate how these stories have both entertained you, but also taught you valuable lessons. I can not really think of a better combination than entertainment and learning.

    I wonder why you chose to write these two stories in particular? Was there a reason for picking "The Kind Horse" and "The pessimistic opossum?" Maybe in your author's note you could provide your reasoning behind why you chose these animals? Of course, there may not be any particular reason, and I understand that!

    What if on your header pictures you changed the size to cover? I think this option just gives the website a much cleaner feel and you get to see more (as in larger scale) of your awesome pictures! Also, I would maybe recommend breaking your stories up into paragraphs. The big block paragraphs did make it a little difficult to read. A little white space will go a long way. I look forward to reading more of your stories in the near future!

  2. Hey Randy!
    I really like the set up of your page, how cool! I really enjoyed your storybook topic, it was super easy to lose myself in your stories because it is a topic that I am also really really interested in. I am super glad that someone is doing a project like this, I really look forward to seeing how it progresses and how it turns out. They both had such valuable lessons that they can be applicable in any situation. I was wondering, did you have a specific reason for choosing this topic for your story book? I know that I chose to do Dogs (well, for obvious reasons) so I was wondering if you had a separate interest in the topic? I really do not have any suggestions, if I was being nit-picky or particular, I would suggest that you adjust the set up and style of your storybook just for accessibility and readability. Like Ryan mentioned, it is sort of difficult to navigate the block paragraph formatting. Overall, great work!

  3. Hi Randy! The look of your site is so cool! It looks so bright and clean. It’s also very easy to navigate, so I definitely enjoy that. I love Jataka tales. I’m so glad to see someone doing a project on them! My favorite part was picking out the lesson from story to story. I very much enjoy your take on the them. I agree with the other comments in that I also would like to know why you chose those stories specifically. It would just be fun to know as a reader, even if there isn’t much of a reason. They’re great lessons and incredibly relevant. I think that you did an excellent job recreating the style with your own personal touch! I’m sorry, I don’t have many suggestions. I’m interested to see what other stories you end up doing. Great work and I’m looking forward to reading more from you!

  4. Hey Randy! I really enjoyed both of your stories, I particularly enjoyed the one about Copper, it was so wholesome and well-written. I honestly have no criticism for your project so far, everything was well-written, the design of the site is great, and the stories are beautiful. I noticed that some of the comments are about wanting to know why you chose these stories; I don't know if those comments were before or after you added your author's notes, but I think the notes answer these questions, to me you already perfectly explained why you chose the stories and why you liked them. The only thing I would like you to check is that the link to the comment wall is the correct one, when I clicked it I got an error page saying I didn't have access, so I had to find the link through the project stack. It may have been an issue with my account or something on my part, but I would still recommend you check it just in case. Also, the title of your first story in the banner is Story Week 6, is that on purpose or did you forget to use the title of the story? Of course it is fine either way, but I wanted to point it out in case you wanted to change it. Great work so far!

  5. Hey Randy! I really liked your stories so far. It seems like you are going to vary in the sources where your stories come from, writing a new story based on the concepts from each one. That is really similar to what I am doing in mine and I think it's a cool way to think creatively while also deepening personal understanding of the stories. It also seems that each page on your blog is based on a different theme from the stories that you read. For example, the Jataka Tales page is about moral stories, while Copper and the Magic Book is about a clever hero who saves his kingdom. I'm excited to see what stories you choose in the future and what interpretations you are able to gain from them. Also, as a small note, I loved how in the Jataka Tales you wrote two small stories with explanations of each. A sign of a good writer is being able to convey their message as concisely as possible!

  6. Hi Randy,
    I really liked the way you told these stories. The way you wrote them with the amount of suspense while staying with the original story was great. I really enjoyed the way you wrote them. You wrote in good detail and it made me really want to be in the scenes with your characters. I don't have any criticism for you, because they are really well written. Your website is well designed and I appreciated how simple it was to navigate. I liked the overall appearance. Overall it was great working with you this semester and hope you do great on your future endeavors.


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