Reading Notes: Jataka Tales (Babbitt) A

The Monkey and the Crocodile:
The main characters in this story are a monkey and an adolescent crocodile. The crocodiles mom said she wanted to eat monkey heart for dinner, and sent her son off to go capture one. The crocodile went to the edge of the river and told the monkey that he would take him to an island where the fruit is very ripe and delicious. The monkey fell for it and jumped on the croc's back because the monkey could not swim. When they were in the water, the croc began to dive into the water and the monkey asked what he was doing and the croc told him why he had captured him. The monkey was clever, and told the croc that he hadn't brought his heart with him, but left it in his tree and requested that the croc swim back to his tree so that he could get the heart for the mother croc. The croc did as the monkey requested, and upon arrival, the monkey jumped for the tree and didn't come down. The monkey was able to out whit the croc.

How the turtle saved his own…

Week 5 Story: The Burger, The Fry, and the Milkshake


Reading Notes: Twenty-Two Goblins B

The Snake's Poison:
Who is to blame for the Brahmans death?
A Brahman in the city of Benares suddenly woke up one morning and his beautiful wife was gone. He spent days mourning and looking in his city but could not find her. He went to a distant city and when he got there, he was so run down from the journey and the immense heat of the summer that he was nearly falling. A local Brahman and his wife pulled him into their home and gave him some food. Once he got the food, he set it under a tree and quickly bathed in the river. While bathing, a hawk landed in the tree above the man's food, and in the hawks claws hung a dead snake. This snake began to leak poison into mans food. The man ate the food, and then died.
The King and the goblin discussed it, and the King said the Dead man himself is to blame.

The Girl and the Thief:
Did he weep or laugh?
This story involves a king, a Father, a daughter and a city thief. One day, the king sent out his guards to watch over the city becau…

Reading Notes: Twenty-Two Goblins A

Intro: setting: River bank of the Godavari river, the Abiding Kingdom
the king had a tradition of waking up, receiving a fruit form his monk, and giving it to someone he was close with. But one day, he gave the piece of fruit to an escaped monkey, and when the monkey opened the fruit a magnificent gem came out. The monk had been giving the king very expensive "fruit" but finally the king said enough of it, and asked how he could repay the monk. the monk had him travel south and recover a hanging body. as he cut the body down, it erupted with laughter, which meant that a goblin had been living inside it. The king grabbed the dead body with the goblin inside and threw it over his shoulder as he traveled back home. The goblin said, "O King, to amuse the journey, I will tell you a story. Listen."
The Three Lovers:
The goblin's first story is as follows: "There was a beautiful girl born to a brahman, and her name was Coral. Now when she had grown up, three men …

Week 4 Story: The Great Storm

Authors Notes: After reading the story of Noah, it was clear to me that the reason God sent the flood was because there was no focus on love in the world, only lust. This lust came in the form of many different idols, whether it be skin, money, or power. The story of Noah goes to show how Gods great mercy and compassion was able to wipe this lust from the planet, and allowed Noah and his family to start the world anew. This story goes to show how a young boy named Rohan, was able to conquer his fear and trust his two friends to stop a great storm.

In the early years of his life, Rohan was always seen as something more than normal. He had odd tendencies when it came to playing with other kids. Sometimes when he was at the swimming pool with his summer camp group, he would fasten all the pool floaties to the tanning chairs and throw them in the pool declare that the other kids were not worthy of being on his boat. Rohan also loved animals and even had the ability to speak to them. Often…

Reading Notes: Noah, Part B

The Holy Book: In order to build a boat that could hold 2 of each animal, Noah had to use special instructions given to him by Adam, who got it from an angel named Raziel, in which all earthly and celestial knowledge is recorded...

The Inmates of the Ark: Noah was stressing out after building the boat, because he still had to find all of the animals... and he was no biologist... So God being as cool as he was with Noah decided to send all the animals to noah, so that noah could focus on gathering his family. As the animals would show up, more came than expected, kind of like when you invite someone to a party you are having, and that person brings 8 of their own friends, without letting you know. God's remedy for this was to have noah stand guard at the entrance of the boat and with a watchful eye, record which animals lay down when they reached the entrance, and which animals would remain standing. This happened for 7 days and nights, and then finally, the flood began. The hu…

Reading Notes: Noah, Part A

The Ark: God realizes how wicked the earth had become, and decided his only move was to destroy his own creation of humans... except for Noah, b/c Noah and God were chill. God told noah that destruction was coming, and told him to make a huge boat because God was planning on cleansing the earth from all the sin.

The Flood: After getting more instructions from God, Noah gathered two of each animal, his family, and enough food for the long journey. Seven days after this, the forty day rain spell hit the planet, thus flooding the entire thing. Also, everything that wasnt on the boat died a horrible death...

After the Flood: after forty days and nights, God sent a wind from the heavens and the water began to leave the earths surface. This took 150 days total. The boat ended up "docking" at the Ararat Mountains, on 7-17-????. Noah then did as God commanded and opened the window he had made and sent a raven and a dove out every seven days to see if they would return with any si…